Axis of Weasel

S Appicelli, drums; J Cohen, bass; A Cohen, keys; D Fun, vox, sax; C Graf, keys, vox; M Pirog, guitar; R Weasell, guitar, vox, trombone.

Axis of Weasel was released in the sense that the CDs were manufactured and we have several hundred copies out in the garage if anyone wants one. AXIS comprises

Hey Joey Doyle: “Man that bird could fly but it sure couldn’t sing.” They’ve been saying that about us for 20 years now.

Where Cheese is King: Vermont is the cheesiest state, although technically Wisconsin has more gross tonnage.

Flergen, a Swede: the rousing tale of a Norseman, meticulous, with a fondness for his own ordure

Suckling: What do you get for the cavalier poet who has everything.

Transparent: Shove me into to shallow water before I get too Deepak Chopra.

Whither Goest the Waitress: Check please.

1973: I'd like to make her do a nasty in the Brady's treehouse.

Officer Gerbils: oink

Cosmic Rays: Break out the tin foil hats and sit down boys and girls, Uncle Roy is going to tell you a true story.

Under a Cheddar Moon: Yet another song about Rachel's ass, this one in technicolor.

Dirtnap: Love, death and the occasional pudgy intern.

Everything's Fine: bend over and spread em.

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Axis of Weasel




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