Mystical Head  

S Canden, drums; J Cohen, bass;D Fun, vox, sax; C Graf, keys, vox, trumpet; D Maynard, guitar;
A Okey, bass; R Weasell, guitar, vox, trombone.

The result of a four-day recording blitzkrieg in the fall of 1995, Leonís Mystical Head saw the band examining a number of important interpersonal issues, such as each member's undisguised loathing of each of the other members. Fortunately, the seething hatred enhanced rather than retarded the quality of the material and the intensity of the performances. Leonís comprises

and these other favorites:

Leonís Mystical Head: the phrase ďCome and take a ride on Stephenís mystical headĒ is from Firesign Theatreís Waiting For the Electrician.

Bulldoze the Moon: The rape of the Earth Mother.

Klaus Barbie and Ken: In the same mold as In the Year 2525 and One Tin Soldier, this song is a warning about the future. Unlike those warnings, this features the rebirth of fascism. Also unlike those songs, this will sell no copies and will not be covered by the likes of William Shatner and Sebastian Cabot.

Bang My Head: The kind of song Pete Townsend used to write, before he learned what it felt like to be a woman.

Poor Blind Sheehan: The second song to use the Standard Weasel Open Tuning speaks to the early days of the IRA; designed to sell well in Northern Ireland, we have never actually shipped a copy there.

Bitch Is All Business: An ode to feminism.

Paging Larry Storch: Part one of the Larry Trilogy: the Storch, the Fine, the Hovis. Amen.

Bar-B-Q Baby: Another really stupid song. Very popular though, as stupid songs usually are.

Murder of Crow: The story of the Baby Jesus, featuring the Three Stooges as the Holy Trinity. Adding insult to crucifixion, it's rendered as a nursery rhyme. Needless to say, if there's a God, He or sHe's pissed.

Ahab: There are simply not enough songs about whale killing. This really fills a void.

The Short Song: What it lacks in length it makes up in density.

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