Axis of Weasel

Many people - including several band members - were hoping that this was the final Weasel record.

Uranus or Bust

An exploration of the the outer limits of the galaxy known as Good Taste.

Leon's Mystical Head

A four-day recording marathon in 1995 gave rise to animosities that still exist today.

Fondue Cabaret

The first Weasel album met with critical acclaim, and brisk sales followed. Not.


Alternative takes and obscure songs and performances. Not that anyone was asking.

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Father Weasel (AARP, 2013, 6 mb)
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A Friend in Tweed (AARP, 2013, 5 mb)
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Do the Teabag (2010) 3.5 mb
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1973 (Axis of Weasel, 2007, 5 mb)
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Sir John Suckling (Axis of Weasel, 2007, 5.9 mb)
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Everything's Fine (Axis of Weasel, 2007, 5 mb)
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Jimmy's Talking Pants (Uranus or Bust, 2003, 5 mb)
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Where's Bob Crane (Uranus or Bust, 2003, 4.5 mb)
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Bulldoze the Moon (Leon's Mystical Head, 1999, 5 mb)
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A Fish (Leon's Mystical Head, 1999, 5.4 mb)
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Uranus or Bust

The Weasels: 
Uranus or Bust

Axis of Weasel

The Weasels: Axis of Weasel

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